Asil Erturan

Software craftsmanship circa 2014.

If you find yourself here, you are probably a friend or someone interested in my work. In either case, I hope you enjoy your visit!

Who am I?

I'm a software developer based in Montréal, Canada. You'll find that I'm intensely curious and very much a generalist. If you've viewed my GitHub already, you'll see the various languages I've worked with. That's not to say that I'm not good at any of them! I have professional experience with C#, React, Typescript, and their associated popular libraries. I'm trilingual (English, French, and Turkish) though I'm most comfortable in English.

If you're interested in working with me, see my contact details below.


I have a Bachelors of Computer Science (BCompSc) from Concordia University. However, most of my abilities are self-taught; I've been programming since I was 12, starting with trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop. I've worked at ARIV for over 2 years. The following is the list of skills I made use of there:

  • Backend Web Development C# Dotnet with EF Core
  • UI Development React with Typescript and MUI
  • Varia Git, Unix (particularly Arch-based distros), Vim

Personal Projects

Here are a few of my curated personal projects. See more on my GitHub.

  • Ye Shopping App is a university project for enterprise web development; it uses Java servlets but it's written in Kotlin as a challenge.
  • Warzone Clone is another university group project written in C++. More indicative of my leadership and organization skills than C++ due to assignment restrictions; check out the commit history.
  • School Scheduler is a high-school project I completed in Rust which uses GTK. Interesting from a technological standpoint rather than functionality.
  • LSDL and Verlet are an SDL2 game engine and a 2D physics demo respectively. They're both written in Zig. These were for fun!
  • Home server. My home server runs the Caddy webserver and hosts various personal services including this website. No repository for the website yet, but the source is unobfuscated in the browser.

Contact me

In the Plateau? Let's grab a coffee! Otherwise, you can reach me at the following:
@sealestr on Discord gildedert at Gmail